EuroGoTV has a VIP-membership.


- will soon get each month 100 VIP-points for free
- can download the SGF-files
- have an automatic log in
Lot of other services are in development; if you have a great idea what would be a
nice extra service for VIP-members and we will use it you get this years VIP-membership for free!

VIP-membership costs 25 euro/year.

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If you are not a member yet (basic membership is free) you have to register first.

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Hello guest0cv3u, your VIP-point balance is 0.

VIP-points can be seen as a kind of virtual money.
One VIP-point equals 1 Eurocent, 100 VIP-points 1 Euro.

EuroGoTV-members can earn VIP-points by tagging photos (these tags are used by the news robot to include photos inside the articles it writes) in the photo menu, and by making successful bets during live game broadcasts( it is called: betting on the next move). From the beginning of April 2015 members can also buy VIP-points.

Also from the start of April 2015 the EuroGoTV-Shop will be online, we are now in final testing stage.
All products and services placed on it (by EuroGoTV, but also by anybody who wants to sell or offer a Go-related item or service) can also be bought/traded with VIP-points.
Sellers/traders can change their VIP-points for any currency they want.

The VIP-point marketing/advertisement campaigns are a nice way to bring Go and businesses together.
The advertiser gets objective data how many people are interested in their message.
Of course this could result in cancellation of the program, but it can also makes the connection and cooperation stronger.

How it works is:
- the advertiser buys at least 10.000 VIP-points (100 Euro)
- the advertisement is placed on EuroGoTV, the link in the advertisement is replaced by EuroGoTV for the marketing link
- if a logged in EuroGoTV member clicks the the link, the EuroGoTV-marketing-page `pays` the member a fee of minimal 10 VIP-points; it also pays EuroGoTV a fee of minimal 5 VIP-points; the 2 amounts of VIP-points together are subtracted from the balance of the advertiser. The advertiser gets an email that the member visited his web-page.
- the advertisement will be active as long as the advertiser wants or his balance positive is, but will get visited less and less as the article where the advertisement is in gets older.
- only 1 advertisement in every 14 days is allowed, less is better.
- Each new advertisement is judged by EuroGoTV, the fee will be decided by both advertiser and EuroGoTV.
- EuroGoTV will actively `tell` the members which links on the site are sponsored and why they should visit it besides getting free points.
- a fee for non-members visiting the link is optional.

I hope it is clear for you how it works, if you have any question don't hesitate to ask.

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