Interview with a fresh 6d: Lukáš Podpěra

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the very first interview with Lukas Podpera (18) as a Czech 6d, after he reached 2600.172 GoR!

Sandmann: Hi, Lukas!

Lukáš: Hi Viktor!

S: Nice to meet you:P Tell me about your weekend!

L: This weekend I played Berliner Kranich tournament. It was very hard to win it although I was the strongest player in the field. It's very hard to play when everyone expects just your victory. After all I'm very happy that I finally reached 2600 GoR which means that I was promoted to 6-dan in Czechia. :)

Actually I was counting it after every game ;) I had just 4 points left to go; all my opponents were much weaker by rating but in fact they were quite strong.

S: Congratulations!

Thanks :)

What's your next tournament?

L: Last week I won a double knock-out qualification for the Czech Go Baron Title. So next week I will challenge Ondřej Šilt for it and I will try my best. :)

S: Please tell us about your Go.

L: Ah, interesting question :P When I was younger I tried to find the best style for me to play. Three years ago I replayed all games from Shusaku - Invincible so naturally I started playing much solid style, many honte, sure cash... But last year I found out that it's not enough to play like that against European top players so I started playing more severely, also because of my studies in Korea. Now I'm actually trying to find the balance and to not play boring Go.

S: Ah interesting, I'm trying to do the same at the moment.
I also used to play ultra solid and I'm trying to change for the same reasons. (Last week's Go to Innovation might have activated my aggressive trait :S)

L: Good to know that some players are trying to do the same, maybe Palko is a small inspiration for us ^^

S: Hehe yeah:P So what do you think about the Go level in Europe?

L: Of course European Go might never be like the Asian one. But finally with the CEGO project I see some vision for young players who would like to become professionals, including me. :)

I think it's just a question of time when Europe will have professional players who will live just from Go but probably we will never be as strong as the Asians.

S: You might be selected for next year's pro qualification (at Strasbourg, Amsterdam and Vienna tournaments), how do you see your chances?

L: Next year I will be preparing for my graduation exams so I'm not sure whether I could concentrate sufficiently on the pro tests. But anyway my chances would be very small. However in September I will probably go to China so maybe I can dream about becoming pro in 2015 ;)

Btw. although I have an FCE certificate I'm making a lot of grammatical mistakes in English so I hope you will correct them :D

S: Ah I'm not that good either, but I think EuroGoTV readers are smart people who will comprehend this despite the mistakes.

Hmmm do you have any ideas how to improve European Go?

L: As I said already the CEGO project is some hope for European Go, we will see how it works in the future. And of course much more children should play Go, especially in Czech Republic the situation with the youngsters is quite hopeless :(

S: I can assure you the situation in Austria is much worse:P But we are working on it.

Final question: Which was first - chicken or egg?

[...reasoning for the following conclusion was censored due to, you know, reasons...]

L: Maybe the egg was made by God of Go :D

S: Thank you for your time :) Good luck for next week!

L: You're welcome, thanks! :)

placed by sandmann on 23:53 Sun 01 December 2013

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